Pressure Cleaning and Soft washing services

MIA Pressure Wiz is a dependable pressure and soft washing company. We’re here to bring you the most effective washing services in South Florida. We can eliminate years of grime in just a few hours. Restore your houses shine today!

Surface Cleaning 

We clean all surfaces using the proper equipment to remove dirt, dust, mold, algae, and all other unwanted particles from your property.

Roof Cleaning

We use the best method when it comes to roof cleaning. We use our soft washing technique to avoid using any pressure on your roof. We safely get rid of the mold, algae, and mildew growing on your roof giving it new life. 

House Washing

Before you decide to paint your house, consider a house wash. We can restore your house back to its original color using our house washing method. Save yourself a ton of money by washing your house with us.